Let's see them,  before they see us


About Us

Motopaws is an initiative started in the year 2015 by Touch Heart, a youth led organisation based out of Pune. At Motopaws, our mission is to make the streets safer for dogs as well as us, people and our vision is to eventually eradicate the issue of dog road kills and other such accidents caused by their low visibility. The Motopaws collar we make is coated with reflective fabric in order to make the wearer dog visible to us from a distance not only in the dark of the night, but also in broad daylight. The collar, harmless in nature is today worn by thousands of our street dogs situated in more than 20 cities around the country.


The rising number of road kills of dogs in the city of Pune triggered a group of young millennials to stand up for the ones without a voice. Understanding the intensity and the seriousness of this issue, they knew that spreading awareness alone wouldn’t be enough to put an end to the problem. Research brought them to the conclusion that most of these accidents were caused by the dark as it would tend to mask over the dogs. Months of hard work and the impulse to find a permanent solution for the growing problem later led to the creation of the Motopaws collar, a collar specifically and only designed for our street dogs. This collar was soon much appreciated and gained the support of animal lovers from across the country helping the initiative flourish. What started out as a group of youngsters collaring dogs around their city has today turned into a nation-wide campaign.

How We Operate?

We are a volunteer run, non profit organisation based in around 20 cities around the country. We manufacture retro reflective collars and organize monthly collaring drives in all the center cities. As a part of Promise Movement, we also work on medical rescues and rehabilitation. While most of the drives are a Motopaws initiative, we also attend to requests from other animal lovers as well. 

Motopaws has been kickstarted by funding by Mr. Ratan Tata. Now, the organisation is independently run on funds by various generous donations.