About the Motopaws Collar


The Motopaws collar is a waterproof retro reflective collar with a denim base.

 After months of research and development, the Motopaws collar was designed using the finest grade material. The collar has been under constant development since the time of the first design and has been refined constantly.


Collar FAQs


What are the collars made of?

The base of Motopaws collar is denim from old denim donation collected across centers. The denim is covered by waterproof fabric topped with the retro reflective tape. All materials are highest quality and harmless to the dogs.

How does it work?

The retro reflective tape on the collar reflects when light falls on it from a distance. If a vehicle is approaching the dog, the light from the headlight will be reflected from a distance so that the driver gets notified of the dogs and gets enough time to prevent any unforeseen accidents. 

Is it harmful for dogs in any way?

No, the collars have gone through continuous testing and have been approved by vets in different cities across the country.

Does it effect the rider in any way?

No, the collar is not a glowing collar. It will reflect only when light falls on it and the reflection is enough for the driver to just notice. The material used is highest quality industry grade and will not effect the driver.